Multi-Layer Steel Gaskets / Cylinder Head Gaskets
Steel Gaskets (MLS) specifically designed for modern and high performance vehicles are produced for protecting the motor from high pressure and temperatures under challenging conditions.
MLS Gaskets are tested by Cotech Engineers using the state of art technology.

Soft Metal Composite / Cylinder Head Gaskets
This type of cylinder head gaskets are used for a wide range of motors.
These materials used for many years will have an active role for repair works and at car services for several years.

Metal - Elastomer Gaskets
Metal Elastomer Gaskets are designed to assure maximized sealing on new generation vehicles.
High Quality Oil-proof Products enduring high temperatures...

Eccentric / Crank / Valve Seals
Generally these components prevent mixture of any substances and assure sealing on two separate environments; mobile and immobile.